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All About Playing Rainbow Riches And Its Bonus Features

Saturday, October 22nd, 2016

Rainbow Riches are one of the most loved and best known slots around. Based on an IGT phenomenon, this slot not just helps to offer IGT more respect and more fame, but also helps to increase the amount of slot lovers all over the world. It was considered to be one amongst the foremost true bonus slots and a pioneer within a genre, which has dominated this gaming industry since its conception. Its pleasant design feature is dominated by a plucky leprechaun and green fields. As a strong and powerful game all around, the base game is extremely generous as well as fast moving, which enables for quick game plays and big wins. Logo symbol is the only symbol through which you can get high payouts whereas all others are standard symbols including letters and numbers. There would also be a wild symbol, which appears fairly often, with devoid of any additional multipliers.

The bonus round is where rainbow riches will truly come into your life. If you land a minimum of three leprechaun symbols, then you will able to unlock the main bonus round and in turn, locate you on the path of literal road towards riches. You could begin the game play just using 6x stake, which keep on increasing in case you trigger the round using 3 or more bonus symbols. Here, you can be allowed to spin a wheel in order to move further on the road. The wheel boasts of numbers varying from 1 to 6 in addition to two “collects”. If you get advance furthermore, then you will get higher stakes. For those, who are making it to the end should be provided with sakes as minimum as 500x.

You can able to unlock “choose me” round when get at least three well symbols, as these would return from 3x to 10x if you receive of them. There would also be an incredibly rare round called jackpot wheel bonus. In reality, we have taken nearly thousands of spins using this slot. You can able to trigger the main bonus round for at least thirty times and even more, when it comes to “choose me’’ round. In case that you are enough lucky to enter, then you will probably get a huge return of about 30x minimally. You have not taken any spin right now on the, then you would not able to predict absolutely what you have missed out in your lifetime.